Styled You Workshop

Back in October, I attended Sue Blue Events "Styled You Workshop" in Portland. Sue Blue Events is amazing and you should 100% check out Manda's work at her website here. She has been such a mentor to me as I have gotten started and she is the ultimate entrepreneur. I really love that about her- seems like everything she touches turns to gold and a running business! 

Before the workshop- I had been in a hard place. I was feeling stuck at my current job and unable to find a way into a more creative field. I was emotionally, financially and physically stressed in a way that was affecting my life and my relationship with my husband. Springing for a "styling" workshop right after purchasing a home was a lot for my little family but I pulled the trigger based on a gut feeling that this experience could be good for me. 

Sometimes your gut instinct is rewarded. When I walked into the workshop this fall- I immediately felt like a new person. It was a fresh start and a step in the right direction. Not only did I meet some amazing friends at the workshop, I found a creative flow that I had been searching for in my daily life. I have started my career in corporate healthcare sales and have learned so much working for a large company, however, trying to migrate into something more creative and fulfilling has felt like ripping off a very adhered, painful band-aid. It continues to be an extremely long process especially when you have adult responsibilities, but the Styled You Workshop has given me a small taste of what a self-motivated, creative business could look like. 

Right now is about pushing the limits of my comfort zone. So many times a the workshop, I felt out of place. I knew nothing about directing a photoshoot with a model or styling a product.  These were all new challenges to me and my face would turn beet red the moment Manda asked me to take part in the activity. But I also had this internal thirst and drive to get better at all the elements of styling and design- to watch what my peers were doing and sip in every ounce of feedback directed my way. That compulsion to create, the desire for feedback and that natural, organic thirst for knowledge are all I have wanted to get out of my work life. I am just someone who wants my life work to be a reflection of who I am. 

So now I am doing it. Thank you to all the lovely women and men involved in the process. My career is finally on the path to being about me and who I see myself becoming in this world.